Privacy Policy

(Last updated 7/17/07)

General & Legal Info:

Visitors which join our forums, Cityscapes and submit cities/regions to the exchange site understand their contact info of an email address is required to prevent abuse of resources or tracking down reposted content to our file libraries. While the forums have guest posting privilages, if abused it can easily be changed to registered posting.

City of Sims is a resource for fans, all content is provided 'as-is' from staff or visitors, and our forums maintain a reasonable level of freedom of speech. Anything posted on the forums & blogs are the opinions of the posters and don't reflect the opinions of City of Sims.

We aren't responsible for content found on related/news links, blogs, portals and favourites as those are owned/run by individual persons, groups, etc.

Reviews & newsletters are the property of the staff, any repost or reprinting will require written request and if used in marketing we want to know what context it'll be quoted/used as.

Advertisement Privacy:

All advertisement offers are reviewed based on written proposals and reasonable privacy policies. City of Sims bases current and future advertisement decisions from site stats which include browser type, world region and language for the benefit of our visitors.

Third party advertisement by Ad Engage may use cookies or other tracking solutions to provide ads towards products and services for your region. Since City of Sims hasn't entered into such advertisement agreements, we can't provide any additional information at the moment.

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