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Music Players vs Music Phones full story...

Upgrading AximX50 to WindowsMobile 5 full story...

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City of Sims reviews products/services based on products we'd want to use, its in the best interest of visitors to know this site doesn't accept 'free' review materials. In this decision, reviews are fair and realistic to the average consumer experience(and budget). Reviews on products/services that were purchased at a discount would be noted.


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The Reviews Network blog form will replace the newsletter, this will speed up the process of keeping readers happy.

Samsung UpStage Review

This review is now part of our new reviews network project. With some strange luck a staff member won a Samsung UpStage from Sprint while at a music event. If you're interested in the story read on...

Music Player vs Music Phones (updated)

The road of multipurpose phones hasn't been popular with many American wireless carriers and its doubtful iTunes on Motorolas has done a good job due to 50(Euro)/100(Americas) song limit. Other carriers usually cripple their phones... For the full story...

Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade for Dell Axim X50

This review is about the long awaited upgrade of Windows Mobile, in this overview and short review we'll detail some of the issues faced and work arounds. For the full story...

Cingular Wireless

This week a review of switching to Cingular and their base phone a Sony Ericsson Z500a is reviewed. In the review the coverage is tested in common places where my existing service with T-Mobile has been good, lousy and horrible. This is a realistic test of Cingular's coverage and noting weak spots. For the full review...


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