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News 3/21/2009:

Several site revisions have been done, the file database has been retired and the city exchange section will now be a static page with all the downloads. The reviews section has a few major changes planned.

News 12/5/2008:

Reviews section will begin to have new content next week, goals for 2009 will be to cover more than just Civ/SC4 downloads.

News 10/4/2008:

After a few tweaks to the file database and several much needed sorting of files, the delayed summer downloads are now added.

News 8/10/2008:

The migration is still going as planned, there are a few revisions to wrap up before everything is ready. SC4 summer downloads will be added mid-week.

News 5/30/2008:

The community network is online, mid to late summer there will be a full migration of SC4 content into the network section. Registration will be a requirement for future downloads from this point, as an incentive to get vistors to register we'll offer a single banner ad credit for 1000 displays per month on the network subsite. At this point forum moderators will take full management of the subsite.

News 5/6/2008:

There will be a few SC4 related downloads for this summer, one future consideration from staff in the planning stage is to keep all new downloads as registered user only and limit non-registered visitors to 3 downloads per 12 hours. This decision has been on the table for awhile as several sites have started hotlinking files. If the hotlinking continues, the plug will be pulled on all our SC4 city/region downloads.

News 3/31/2008:

Community network subsite will absorb all SC4 related content, blogs and image gallery on City of Sims, with this move it'll allow staff to cover all things "Simulation/Strategy" game related news and reviews. Currently the existing file database managed by staff will remain online and updated for the new site format.
This will be completed by mid-summer, all comments or questions are recommended to be posted on the feedback area of the forum.

News 2/25/2008:

Image Gallery updated to reflect changes to recent staff decisions on free space, personal albums, etc. Free email & simple blog hosting will remain offered to active community members.
There will be several staff changes in the next few weeks in an effort to reduce workload and get the community network subsite running by summer. Details on this will be on the forum's site news sub-section.

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