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Welcome To City of Sims: Blogs

Last updated: 1/5/2008:

City Blog: Life in the city, comments about the news and more.

TheDot: A blog of random topics, strange humour pictures, etc.

Zulu Elephant: Earned his fame from CivNation vs Apolyton, Q9 and CivGaming forums for very random posts.


Visit, they're better than Apolyton :)



Blogs listed on this page aren't the opinions of City of Sims, community blogs were written by community members. Members which apply for blogs are added to this list unless they request his/her blog to remain unlisted. Users are allowed to have their own ads but must remain PG/PG-13(aka Work-Safe). Any questions or suggestions post on the forum or send an email.

Features currently enabled on the blogs are:
-Sidebar can be modified by the user
-Upload pictures

Features which can be added/changed upon request:
-Link/Banner Exchange
-Blog modifications(ex: header graphic, theme, etc)
-Custom blog

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